True self

December 10, 2011
By , Irving, TX
I see the woman in the line,
She looks on with pride in her eyes as defeat over comes her,
I notice her stride as she grabs her little ones hand,
Shes strong even in these times, fearless in a world that takes that for granite,
I see her purpose as she holds back tears,
A husband gone in the midst of three children,
Excepting help in a time when pride holds back many from help,

It must be hard to challenge yourself,
To beg for money on a street where people sneer and geer at you,
That is courage,
Courage is standing up for what is right, standing up for that poor man getting knocked down,
Standing up for innocence and weakness,
Be courageous and strong,
Accept help, it doesn't make you weak but it makes you brave,

Don't judge people for whats on the outside but for whats on the inside,
Live life to the fullest, And find your inner peace for in the end we are all equal in God's mind.

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