In the Lamplight...

November 15, 2011
Pitter patter

I lay awake listening to the rain tapping on my window pane.

Tapping to come in.

In the yellow lamplight, I slide off my bed

Creep over to the window

Lift the latch.
As the window comes up, I am overcome by a sudden, irresistible urge.

I climb like a cat

Onto the windowsill

And leap down to the wet grass below.


I move through the shadows cast by my fence
Mud sloshing underfoot.

Tip-toe through the gate,

Past my parents dark window,

And into the dull glowing haven of the streetlight.

Darts of water chase me through the night;

Drops of liquid daring enough to parachute down from the heavens.
I stand in the circle of light, staring upwards at the sky,

Watching the droplets curve down towards me in slow motion,

Wondering what had drawn me out this late.


After a time, I become deterred.

The initial magic has fled me, and I turn to make my way back
To my warm, dry room.

But I see a hazy figure standing before me.

I instantly recognize the shape of the body;

tall and skinny.

Tears leap to my eyes,

Mingling with the raindrops running down my face.
You hold out your hand

Motioning towards me.

I stand there,

Overcome by emotion,

Wishing you were really there,

Knowing I could not take that invitation.
Your shadow, made of water droplets

Begins to move towards me.

Had it been anyone else,

I would have ran.

Your shape looks down on me

And I stare up into your outline.

Then your body of raindrops

Reaches up a shimmering hand

And places it above my shoulder.

I smile, knowing it is your way of consolation,

Knowing you feel guilty at my tears.
The sides of your face,

Where I knew your cheeks to be,

Curve outward,

And I know you're smiling too.

I also understand your message;

To wait.
You nod the outline of your head at me,

Liquid shimmering in the dull light,

And bend your face downwards

Towards my forehead.

I feel a wet, solid form brush my skin,

And I am able to understand.
A kiss in the rain.

I close my eyes,

Savoring the moment,

Because I know when I open them,

Your shadow would be gone.

Sure enough, it was.
Standing for a second, staring around,

I realize how drenched I was

And cold.

Turning back towards my house,

I slowly move back through my gate,

Past my parent's window
And creep back through mine.

I lay back on my bed

Huddled under my thick, fluffy blanket,

And once again listen to that gentle tapping against my window.

Pitter patter

I lose track of time listening to the sound
And eventually drift off into the dreamy world

That you never left

And will never be lost from.

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