Ode to Orca Whales

October 12, 2011
By AliCat47 PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
AliCat47 PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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Orca whales,
Are my absolute favorite thing that is in the ocean,
They are like aquatic acrobats, always doing flips,
Not to mention, how cute they are,
plus, one of my favorite movies is,
“Free Willy”, a movie that could not be with out,
orca whales.
But, don't get me wrong,
orca whales aren't like the peaceful unicorn of the sea,
in fact, some call them the wolf of the sea,
because they travel in packs when it's time for them to hunt,
but, personally, I think that they look like cow's of the sea,
with their white and black bodies.
But, no matter what you call them,
I think that orca whales are,

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