December 4, 2011
By , Austin, TX
I had found my inspiration,
I had found my muse.
I had found an admiration
But now its time to choose;
Choose to let you know
Or live with not knowing what could have been.
Choose to try and woe
Or miss a shot at the win.
Choose to wear my heart on my sleeve,
Knowing I might get hurt
But I have to believe
Your response won’t be curt.
I’m going to do my best
But it wont be easy
To try and express
My feelings for you without being cheesy.
Here I go, about to speak
I’m at lost for words when you’re around
I tense up but somehow feel weak
Your like the head cheerleader and I'm just the class clown.
Yet some how you talked to me
You didn't care about what others said
You thought I was funny and sweet
And all of that went to my head.
My feelings grew more and more
And as we became closer
That's when I started to show
Show my feelings for you and stopped being a poser
But you didn't notice my advances
You kept being same old flirty you
And I thought you were just playing with my chances
When in reality you really didn't know what I was trying to do
So I’m writing this to show you how I feel
And why I’ve been extra nice
It’s because I no longer want to conceal
My deep crush for you, just to be concise.

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