Lost at Heart

December 4, 2011
In he comes, furious
My thoughts turn very worrious
He takes the devicem says I'm through
Says I know exactly what I do
I act confused, say "That's absurd!"
But he leaves; Out of anger, I flip him the bird
The door slams shut, I'm left with my mind
My throat is tangled into millions of vines
I rush to the bathroom, cold with tile,
And slam to the floor; Heart full of denial
I look to the mirror, where written is his name,
and my heart floods with regret and shame
The dam breaks; my eyes leak
Staining my cheeks; red; bleed
Bleeding, the word sticks in my mind
My brain says it is finally time
Time, I act, I grab the 'thing'
Looks dull; sharpen; a blunt "SHING"
To my arm, skin frozen and cold
I keep the blade in a steady hold
Then, at last, Slash! Slash!
Leaves two small, but bleeding, gashes
No!; Too little!; You hurt him too much!
One, I must do, for every month!
So there they ar, 8 perfect lines,
Small pains shoot up my spine
Ignore it; Endure it; You deserve this pain
For being so vial; For being so vain.

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