Strings River

December 4, 2011
By Chayle ELITE, Surprise, Arizona
Chayle ELITE, Surprise, Arizona
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What a deliciously flavored coat of thick gook and slime
Embracing the garnet-encrusted ground with it's rotting feet
The meloncholy harps will play,if you don't feel the need of mind
For not even human hand or conscious can stop screeching pleads
Life is so dark,each brother forced out turns into black soot
And darkness is as dark as dark dandelions daring to dangle
Off the fallen sea of robidden brown fruits and the demon's foot
Plaebo effect,jsut like those sugar filled pain pills
Don't be so reluctant,step onto a place with no fresh grass
Where the sky burns blistering your pimpled and oily skin
The whole world is against you,like a slithering eel that's cast
By the witch to let her know what trouble you are in
Cause if she wants,she'll find you alluring you in with ice blue eyes
Tickleling your burning flesh like safety pins that come undone
You believe all good is gone and that revelation has died
And wait for paranormal activity and proof of pity to come
What a waste of life to tread a land of dying plants
Though shining goldy locks and causing ravens to quiver
In goes your body and broken,bruised legs and swollen hands
As you sail down,hearing the violens of strings river

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