Its Only True

December 9, 2011
In pain you lay in that dark room
Your shakes and quivers with gloom.
outside you're a stone,
inside you're a pebble
Acting as if you are so hard,
but you're afraid to be alone.
Your fakeness will fade.
People make mistakes.
Forgive and forget.
You should have knew i wasn't the one you were gonna end up with.
You feel hurt, bad and unloved,
so you talk down to me and do me dirty.
trying and trying to make me feel unworthy.
But little do you know
that s*** runs down my backside and hits the floor.
You're right, we are no longer each others top priority anymore.
Your words, your bitterness, your hatefulness
it all makes me stronger and allows me to continue with my dreams and goals even longer

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youngspeare said...
Dec. 13, 2011 at 2:38 am
what can i say, i happen to feel the exacgt same way! Almost like you read my mind!! ;) lol. Nicely written. keep posting :)
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