Pencil Shavings and Eraser Bits

December 4, 2011
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6:30 a.m. it begins.
Too tired to hear it at first, the
Faint sound of my radio. Then a
Yell to get up and my sleep is no longer
Peaceful. My body begging and pleading
And my mind churning with possibilities
Until one clear thought emerges

Is the

Glancing sideways at my outfit,
Heels that will give me blisters by
9 o’clock making me feel wobbly
And confident all at once.
My fresh notebooks just screaming
To be used.
Easing myself out of warm covers
I begin the mad flurry of getting ready
Trying to force down a breakfast
Despite my nerves playing a game
Of doge ball in my stomach

Is the

Before I know it, I’ve arrived
Plastering a smile to my face, ready
for my grand entrance, which no one seems
to notice. Gingerly moving through the throngs
of people overpopulating the halls.

Is the

Classes pass in a daze
Lots of smiling and joy zipping through my body
A bell rings. Lunch time. Like animals we stampede into
The lunch room. Lunch was great but
Even better was the medium burgundy apple
Which sent juice dribbling down my
Chin with its first bite

The day ends but I feel right back
At home. The comforting grip of my pencil and
The looming thought of homework
I had survived the whirlwind

Was the

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