December 3, 2011
By JsorealB SILVER, Chandler, Arizona
JsorealB SILVER, Chandler, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"Ducks live on the edge." - My dad
"I'm just going to play guitar instead." -My Dad (when asked to take a shower)

We trust cardboard to temporarily

house possessions we strangely love.

And as you regain your individuality,

The summer sun smiles; we meet again.

And yet, I have no shell – reckless?

Only a developed expectancy,
and cynical lens just as well.

There just aren’t surprises anymore.

Inevitably, shiny new bracelets jingle,

While freshly freed souls mingle

But within me, anger tingles,

because you’ll never bear to be single.

But I know this story.

You’ll hide behind everything you
never told me; a sad script

Explanations, excuses;

Its such a fine line isn’t it?

And we’ll get caught in this mind-altering net again,

It’s silvery edge, sharpening, a dangerous glisten.

Tantalized, you can’t resist,

I should know by now, you never listen.

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