December 9, 2011
By rachelb BRONZE, Yourktown, Virginia
rachelb BRONZE, Yourktown, Virginia
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I once dreamed I was a princess
In a land, far far away
I was three, and in fact
It was ten years from this day

I saw myself with flowing hair
Made of the purest gold
All my friends were princesses
And always out I doled
Fair and just advice
To all that I ruled

I couldn't have possibly known
That the flowing long hair I imagined
Would all get cut off at the age of eleven
As for the princesses I wished
To be my best friends
I'm more like one of the guys to them

Ten years older now
And no, I do not scorn
All those nights dreaming of what Was to be
Until the waking morn

Those years are what shaped me
And since, I have sworn
To love any child
As if it were my own

That is why I am here today
To tell you of the things
That make me, me forevermore
Those dreams were my wings
Now share yours

The author's comments:
I hope that all the people who read this will remember when they were young, and the princesses of their imagination were real.

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