The Great War

November 30, 2011
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A world war with all,
One with people so careless.
People who want to fight,
Not to fight for any real reason.
A war with 7,000,000 loving hearts,
Hearts that put their lives on the line.
War so meaningless and cruel,
Where millions have died.
People putting their lives on the line,
On the line to protect their country.
A war that lasted four long dreadful years,
Meant to only last a couple months.
Countries fighting to protect,
But only to a friend in need.
Alliances yet another reason,
To start a war that was unneeded.
A war mainly caused by imperialism,
With countries longing for more land.
World War 1 a war suppose to end all,
To end all wars to come.
With guns ready to fight,
With leaders caught up in militarism.
A war is always dreadful and scary,
With people built on nationalism.
A war that starts with just a one move,
A move that cost thousands of peoples lives.
With something so simple,
Yet so scary at the same time.
A war that started just between two enemies
Ends up with every nation to protect the other.
A war that caused many lives to be lost,
With bodies never to be found or even worried about.
With all the families missing a loved one,
Because of war.
A war is so useless and harmful,
Harmful to man kind.
With men standing up to protect each other,
Never letting his friend down.
Always there till the very end of war,
To be the one to tell the bad news.
With 60,000 lives that where lost in just one,
One dreadful day made of fear.
Fear of never seeing that special someone.
A war that makes history,
History that shows wrong.
To fight a war because you can,
To fight and cause hearts to hurt.
With hurt that lasts a life time,
A life time of pain and sorrow.
With a war meant to be simple and easy,
Ended up so long and complex.
Complex because of countries,
Countries that where not needed at all.
All because one country,
One country thought they could be powerful.
A war that brought many new things,
New things to protect ourselves.
With a war we where suppose to never entered,
Entered with great force and fear.
With something that was started,
Started on bad terms.
Something so meaningless and sad,
Because all the time we spent trying to stay out.
Trying to stay out of a war,
A war that was bloody and shocking.
A war where people will never forget,
The memory is always there in the back of the mind.
With people of the war,
People that will never be forgotten.
Because entered the war,
We became known,
Known for reasons that where unneeded.
All for four simple but yet wrong reasons,
Because of Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism
And Nationalism.
World War 1,
A war that was never needed,
That was The Great War.

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