& Death Beckoned Her

November 30, 2011
By destinyfelicia GOLD, Studio City, California
destinyfelicia GOLD, Studio City, California
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pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

He holds her in his arms,

His hands running over her body,

The candle is burning brightly,

Oh, lonely fire.

His lips caress her neck,

Fingertips painting the outline of her heart

Canvas of her wrist

Bleeding slightly, of the cut sent by the reaper

The orange flame dances with the wind

Fire, fire slowly growing dim

Her eyes show fear of death,

As he kisses her tender neck

She cannot pull away

She tries to scream his name

But she is silenced

By her slowly diminishing life

Red sparks fly from the ivory

Falling to the wick

As the night carries the flame with the wind

The candles dying out

As death continues to beckon her

His hands slide up her thigh

Higher he places her fingers

Across her chest

Upon her chin

He caress her lips,

As the flame continues to die

“I love you,” He whispers

The fire hushes out into the night

The flame died in her eyes

Darkness surrounds them both

As he kisses her upon the lips

Death carves out her heart

As he holds her in the dark

As the reaper fell in love with her

And still yet she answered, when death beckoned her…

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