he go what he deserved

November 30, 2011
By Anonymous

so you ..
you play your games .
you call me all these hurtful names.
its only so much i can take ..
before i just snap and break..
give it a try .trust me you'll see..
what the hell did you just call me..
last straw .. last word that's it.
no more will me .. I take your crap..
so with my hand ill give you a slap..
ha ha it felt great but sill I'm not satisfied.
all the pain you put me through ..
all those times i cried..
what will i do or what should i do
torture you cut you kill you ..
i have some thing waay better tho ..
with no violence or no fight.
its over you stupid jerk!
I'm dumping you tonight

The author's comments:
i made it up based on a song but changed the ending..

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