Immature Love

November 29, 2011
You say “I’m too young for that.”

I say “Too young for love?
How can you be too young for love?
Isn’t love something that can be
felt by all?
Doesn’t love not see numbers?
Didn’t I love you,
My parents, at such an infant age?
Isn’t falling in love a
dangerous risk?
Aren’t young people the reckless ones,
The ones that take these risks?
Are we suppose to wait?
Wait until we’re too old,
Too wise, or too far gone
To finally let ourselves love?
Are we suppose to let love just
Pass us by as we let ourselves age?
What is the right age for love?
How old were you ,mom,
when you first fell in love?
Isn‘t love universal?”

You shake your head at me,
You mumble “You’re just young,
I‘ve been through it all
I know it all, I’m your mother.”

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