I AM A Girl

December 2, 2011
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Why am I letting you bother me?
Why am I letting your words get to me?
Why do I care what a pot head thinks?

You're my brother - so what!
"You're turing into a real girly-girl; you used to be a Tomboy."
There's nothing wrong with me douche-bag,
I'm not becoming a bad person
If anything I'm becoming better.
Better than you at least...

I've always been a girl
I was never a boy,
But you never realized...

Aren't the boobs a dead giveaway nowadays?
The long hair the high singing voice?
The clothes I wear the way I talk the way I act
The way I stand?
You idiot, I am a girl.

I throw like a girl because I am a girl,
I hit like a boy because I hate your guts,
I disagree with you because you're an idiot,
I don't like some of the things you do because they're stupid,
I don't like you ruining your life because you're my older brother
So it doesn't matter if I hate you or not
Because I'm stuck with you for at least two more years,
After that, who knows...

Are you going to shun me now because I'm growing up?
Are you going to ignore me even more
Because it's getting harder and harder to deny the fact that I'm actually a girl?
You're a douche-bag...

If I can accept the fact that I'm growing up
Why can't you?
I won't change who I'm becoming and
I can't change how you think or feel,
And I wouldn't want to anyway...

You're not my mother, you're not my father
You're just my brother,
So get over it and move on;

I'm still Caitlin, I still am who I am
I still love Pokemon InuYasha and Kingdom Hearts,
I'm still into all the usual anime and manga,
I still love music, I still live for writing,
I still have strong opinions, I still use big words
I can still be an idiot sometimes -
Like the couple of times I caught my hair on fire -
And I'm still me.

I'm not going to be who you want just because you want it that way,
I am not your puppet and this is not a game,
This is in fact my life,
So if you want to be in it much longer,
I suggest you shut up and grow a pair.

You're not perfect either,
And you're not the brother I grew up with,
But I don't rip your head off about it,
Now do I?

I am a girl and
You are just going to have to deal with it;

The boobs are here to stay.

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MissSora_theboss_ said...
Feb. 10, 2015 at 3:13 pm
Love the ending line!:)
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