Forever Be all mine

December 6, 2011
By 14EmmaPoland SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
14EmmaPoland SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I say I love you
but it's still not enough
the words to small
to mean so much
If i could say everything i ever thought
it would be a sentence that would never get a dot.
Id say your incredible
absolutely amazing
something that continues
to keep me dazing
id say your perfect
in every aspect
your the one I'm going to elect
id say your mine
mine for the keeping
and i ask you nicely
to never leave me weeping
Id say i know
I'm never letting go

Id say my heart stops beating
when you come around
but the truth is that
its a heart attack
If i could explain
everything i felt
you'd never see
but it would make my heart melt.
I feel invincible
but sometI'mes so weak
everytI'me i get that kiss
there becomes redness in my cheek
i feel like its a new start
to heal my wounded heart
i feel like you came along in tI'me
so i could make you
forever be all mine.

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