My Barbie Doll

December 6, 2011
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Precious, Lovely Barbie Doll(Innocence)

My precious, lovely Barbie doll,
You are my best friend.
I love your company.
What should we play today?

My precious, lovely Barbie doll,
I love your pretty dresses!
Look at that giant closet you have!
Can I borrow your clothes?

But my precious, lovely Barbie doll where are your friends?
Will they come over and play?
Where are mommy and daddy, my precious lovely Barbie doll?
Why are you so pretty?
Why are you always smiling?

Oh my precious lovely Barbie doll,
I love your fluffy blonde hair.
Can I change my hair to yours?
Can I wear it just like yours?
Can I be just like you?

My Barbie Doll(Experience)

How can women live up to this standard you have defined?
Your voluptuous, plastic body.
Your perfect white smile permanent on your face.

My Barbie doll,
Look at the army of plastics you have created.
Slaves cut and bleed to be exactly like you.
Slaves talk and breathe your every command.

My Barbie doll,
You are the ruler.
Slaves paint and mask their face.
Slaves shrink and disappear into costumes.

My precious lovely Barbie doll,
You, my dear, are fake.
You are not human.
You are not real.

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