Be the Nathan, To my Hayley, Without Tree Hill

December 6, 2011
By hmoulton SILVER, London, Other
hmoulton SILVER, London, Other
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be my adam, ill be your eve, without the apples
be my romeo, ill be your juliet, without the poison
be my ken, ill be your barbie, without the plastic boobs
be my john, ill be your yoko, without your murder
be my sonny, ill be your cher, without the matching bell bottoms
be my clark, ill be your lois, without the kryptonite
be my danny, ill be your sandy, without the leather jackets
be my clyde, ill be your bonnie, without the crime spree
be my kurt, ill be your courtney, without the drug addictions
be my big, ill be your carrie, without the city
be my landen, ill be your jamie, without the sweater
be my noah, ill be your allie, without the white house with blue shutters
be my troy, ill be your vanessa, without the musical
be my brad, ill be your angelina, without the 8 kids
be my ashton, ill be your demi, without the 20 year age difference
be my eminem, ill be your mariah, without the crazy
be my john, ill be your savanah, without the time away

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