Misery & Me

December 5, 2011
Rope me down in fury.
Tie me to an unbreakable chair.
I am the devil, in theory.
I've broken bones and souls.
I've choked you with air.

What am I to be? A devil? A beast?
Who could birth me this way?
I am a creature of anger,
a victim of rage.
I am everything that I hate.

Wash, wash, wash me away.
I am dying on this dark day.
I'm sorry, so sorry for it all.
I'm in business with misery.
I pay her to visit and beg her to leave.

I want to be me, completely me.
That's what I want you to see
but that's everything that I can't find
and, either way, I swear you're blind.

I haven't got the resources
and you haven't got the time.
"We've got nothing to save
so let's call it a day," you say.
tick-tock... tock... tock...
It stops and you're gone.

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