December 5, 2011
By W.B.Fit BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
W.B.Fit BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Katie Schmarr (A Real Girl)
I see her she’s grown up now,
A little woman in her small home town.
Spends her days out by the lake,
Catching a tan with some good friends.
It’s a hot summer day,
And she’s not like the other girls,
Worries if she’s being too fake.
Feels alone in a city where she’s known,
And dreads that the sun’s going down,
Because she dreads where she’ll have to go;
A little place called home.
Now, there’s nothing wrong with her silly snugly blanket,
Or her mom with kisses on reserve awaiting her arrival,
She just has dreams of grandeur,
Seeing streets like rivers,
And meeting towers rightly named Eiffel,
Now she doesn’t have to go far,
Or anywhere at all,
She just feels the need to smell smoggy cities,
And hear rush hour traffic through the windows of her car,
Now she doesn’t have to go far or anywhere at all.
Faraway places seem romantic, though she’s idealistic,
And you wouldn’t believe the length, of her hopes and dreams,
That is if she is forced to list it,
This because she won’t settle for less than the world, or
Perfect movie scenes airing in real life.
Those stars she wishes she was like them,
But at the same time, despises them.
Says they’re way off far,
Society can’t have her
But neither will she follow Cheevy to the tavern.
So which is it? “What do you want?” they say.
She wants it all, she’s a mystic,
Possessing magic powers in her heart.
So far away from ‘afraid of the dark,’
She’s grown up now,
A little woman in her small home town,
Grand paths lie ahead,
And there is a crown which will sit upon her head,
It’s just a matter of time until she’ll understand,
The time will come for her to conquer this land.

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