It Would be Easier that Way

December 5, 2011
By maddiecake6 SILVER, Bloomington, Illinois
maddiecake6 SILVER, Bloomington, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"There are too many footprints on this world for us to ever feel lonely"

I do not speak of the necessity of war
Because every time I try
All I taste is bitter flesh.
I speak of water, and tongue touching,
And fear
Because it’s the norm.
I do not dare speak of my thoughts
Because I might receive a letter.
I do not speak of the future
Because it might not even occur.
I only speak of what is said
Because that’s what I’m told to do.
If I want to scream about dismembered thumbs
Then I do so in a painting of
Rainbows and Red Flags.
How dare I live silently in a world
Where bodies are drowned,
And forgotten.
How dare I live silently in a world
Where freedom is restrained.
In a world where sanity is
Measured by likes and upvotes.
In a world where I fear
For the rights of my family.
How Dare I
I live silently because You made me that way.
I live silently because You,
The unthinkable force,
Forgot to give me faith,
And so I do not speak of you. Any of you.
I do not speak of your ugliness,
Or your imperfections,
Or your ego.
I only speak of our
Not the reality of our
Abusive relationship.
Wouldn’t it be lovely
If I could just sit on your lap
And be surrounded by safety?
If I could be comforted
By your whispers.
But you are silent.
Hence, I do not speak.

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