November 23, 2011
By Allessandra Casa SILVER, Clovis, California
Allessandra Casa SILVER, Clovis, California
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Your fingers scamper across my skin, gently sliding along my hand.
Instead of creating a warmth within my heart,
My sun kissed skin turns to ice.
My fingers, no longer tan and long, are glittering facets of opalescent ice.
When you hug me, I feel my body become rigid, cold, inexplicably hard.
Walking down the street, I glance in a window as I pass by;
My reflection one which startles me.
I no longer see a girl with sparkling brown eyes, golden skin, a natural smile, shiny black hair.  
I see a little girl, large sad eyes, pale skin, a worried expression etched deep in her face, but hidden by apathy.
Your angry words create walls around my heart. 
Every insult, every hurt, is one stone piled on another.
My tears, like raindrops, pour down in sheathes.
Trying to renew you, wash your anger, your pain away,
But to no avail. 
The day you slammed me against the wall,
I shattered and drifted to the ground,
A mountain of snowflakes and splinters of ice.
I am now free, I am of no use to you anymore.
A million pieces, scattered everywhere, all along the ground.
But slowly the sun comes out, melting the ice and snow, revealing a motionless body. 
People pass by day after day, 
The figure never stirs-
Nor takes a breath.
All signs of winter have melted away, except for an ice shaped heart on the figure's lips.
A direct sunbeam illuminates the heart, melting it into a puddle;
Becoming drops of glimmering water, sliding down the mannequin's lips. 
The last drop falls, and my eyes flutter open.
I am no longer an ice princess.
I am now a daisy, emerging from the snow.

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