oh snowbank, how you freeze my fury

November 22, 2011
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i fear that i lose eloquence in the face of responsibility.
the grass is finally turning brown.
the first crispness of the leaves is gone.
one of the most glorious things in the world is to step with a new shoe onto a perfect crisp leaf.

i fear that because i am expected to write i will lose it.
the sun never is strong anymore.
the days grow shortshortershortest.
one of the things i'm watching for is the water freezing in the pipes.

i fear that this winter i will never know what to say.
the blue is fading into graygreygraygrey.
the words that used to be all description are nothing.
one of the scariest things in the world is having nothing but underestimations to explain yourself.

i fear that all i say now has lost its flavor.
the dotting of the i & the crossing of the t are beyond me.
the spider markings cover my cheeks.
one of the things i'm so beholden to is the snowbank in which i store my fury.

i fear that the snowbank will melt & i will release my fury.
the unparalleled explanation of religion & politics.
the absolute debate that i can't even voice.
one of the things that i know i shouldn't never do is express my voiceopinionthoughtswords.

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