November 22, 2011
By Anonymous

When you act like you don’t care
I know you really should
When you smile but then walk away
I really think that you should stay if you could

School goes by rather quick
So don’t waste you’re time and stay with me
You stand there with your friends and joke about me
My question is don’t you think that I can’t see

What makes up for all this rudeness
Is your one thing that makes you perfect
Anyone that looks at you can guess it
Yes, it’s your smile

I could sit there and stare all day
But that wouldn’t make a difference
You have never looked at me in that kind of way
Even though I hope someday it will change

So what I am trying to say is
The thing that covers your many imperfections
And stands out so boldly in your darkness
Is your amazingly bright and perfect smile

The author's comments:
Just wondering about people in different ways for once. The only this worked is I was tired and didn't realize who I wrote about till I awake. HAHA!!!

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