Life's Problems

November 22, 2011
By MollyASL SILVER, New York, New York
MollyASL SILVER, New York, New York
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"All that is important is unseen. All seeing things are temporary, all unseen things are eternal"

"I have to let you go." My boss had said
We were doing great and the best of friends
How he let me go? He knew I needed the job
My wife is concerned, I'm running out of resources

Kids are getting hungry, wife is never home
Working two to three jobs a week doing the best she can
Loretta 5, Max 13, both unable to work
Max trying to help, being my little man

Loretta stunned, confused, and shocked
I am out looking, desperate for work
Family growing distant
Margret exhausted

With no break, withering her down slowly
Arguing and Fighting
Pulling the children out of school, missing their friends
Loretta trying to learn, Max on the street with no end.

"We are in debt, we have to go." My wife says.
Go? Go! We have no where to go but the streets and sidewalks.
There? There!
We lost our apartment, can't afford rent

Margret and I roam the streets
Max carrying little Loretta on his back
We roam the city for hours on end
Finding a place as our last resort

Having to use Loretta to bribe for money as our last hope.
We are gone. No home, food, water, or shelter.
We are hungry, tired, thirsty, and weak.
"Think positive", I encourage as we keep slugging along.

All ends
Life in our hands
Love is
What is left of us!

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