Battle Of Zion

November 22, 2011
fueled by some sweet, translucent tonic

the diamonds, they dance within the skies

a mystery to man and I

our competence must not rely

on science,

evolutionary thought

The very make-up of our dangerous replies

create a method written in the skies

a magnet gravitating such great heights

that shape us,

who we are tonight

Underneath the gods, they say

a verge befriends a civil fray

for those who bite the hand that feeds

keep eating son to satiate,

you glutnous feign

There are lengends, you see

that bind the moon and the sea

thus that silve-tongued goddess

creates a tide that's empyreal

where the gods sit and watch from their temples

and hereby on that night

where demons crawl

these sins spawn evil within us all

a bittersweet eternity

for these shadows have won this brawl...

the battle of the heavens

ended in nightfall

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