If the Earth were a few feet in diameter.

December 2, 2011
By Kaitlin Merkle BRONZE, Prior Lake, Minnesota
Kaitlin Merkle BRONZE, Prior Lake, Minnesota
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It would be seen by all. All its excellence, all of its flaws, miniaturized. A size where we might finally apprehend the Minuteness of our existence. Would we grasp the acrid Truth that our Earth is just a mere thread woven into the Grand tapestry of our universe? Would we except that our earth, once a beauteous gem, is now but a tarnished facet in the awe inspiring crown of space? Would we see our atmosphere, thin and gray, an old t-shirt wrung out by the unforgiving hands of time, holes and tears encompassing our planet?

Would we see a Grotesque Beast roaming in it? Would we comprehend his magnitude, his power? Would we witness his greed, using the pale golden land as his name plate, declaring his ownership, engraving his name across the globe? Would his clumsy feet and blinded eyes cause him to trample over the raised green and brown landscape, dismantling all that rested in his path? Would we be aloof as he cleansed his filth laden hands in the rivers, turning the crystalline water murky and squalid? Would we allow him to wipe his perspiring face on the white articles in the pale blue mist, turning them into unsightly soot? Would we try to anchor this monster, Confine him? Would we act as bystanders as he slowly painted over our faint blue green splotch? Our faint blue and green attribution to a masterpiece painted by dust and ash. Would we realize that we inevitably fuel this monster, that we live among this monster, that this monster is the Human Race? Would we stop this monster if our earth were a few in diameters?

The author's comments:
I had to write this for an environmental science class. This piece is sort of a metaphorical poem about the human races inability to understand how much our actions effect our planet. Basically- We are oblivious to the fact that we are destroying ourselves, but if the earth were a few feet in diameter, maybe we would finally understand.

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