December 2, 2011
Slowly I descend down the black marble staircase.
My white gown stands out among the stone.
All I have to do is make my way down the aisle, say the vows, then I do.

I've waited all day, nervous and gray.
But then I see her, here she comes.
She's beautiful beyond measure.
Her white gown flows around her.

How he stares at me so.
As if I've given him the world.
As if I'm the only other person in existence.

I was blessed so wonderfully.
What did I do to be granted this?
I could stand here and look at her forever.
How I want to touch her so bad.
So captivating, this wonderful torture.

Almost there, just a few more steps to my most beloved admirer.

Roboticly I reach out my hand to touch her.
Gracefully she takes it and a shock wave goes through me.
I resist the urge to pull her to me.

His touch is so light. His eyes bright.

I barely hear the words until we say our vows and I dos.
My longing to kiss her is so great by the time I'm told to.

He kisses me so carefully.
Then, in my ear, he whispers, 'I love you.'

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