November 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Jogging, running, sprinting
Faster the body moves towards safety
Hurling over obstacles that emerge in the path
Dashing ahead
A piercing white light floods the entryway
Blinding all aspects of memory
A haven, a shelter
Freedom, from this tribulation of the mind
Peace, harmony, tranquility, sympathy
Bare skin layered with a thin coat of sweat
A slight cool breeze touches the exposed segment of the body
At last, a secure harbor is reached
Out extends comforting arms
The arms of the one known quite well
Quivering, trembling, shaking
Trying to make sense of what is known
Flustered, heart pounding wildly
Confused, perplexed
Baffled of the recent occurrence
Leads to kicking and screaming
Fighting the one known the longest-
The woman who nurtured the child through her entire life
She shakes the child, raises her voice
Desperately trying to wake her little girl
Up and out of the horrendous nightmare that consumes her developing mind
Minutes pass though seemingly feeling like hours
Offering sips of water from the paper thin six ounce cup
Fluffy stuffed animals along with soothing blankets
Nothing is taken into the arms of her little girl
Seconds later, her breathing slows
The last of the unwanted tears dispense from the squinted eyes of the young child
Shaking halts as she struggles to regain her composure
Eyes widen as she so desperately wants to recognize the one in front of her
She observes the face and remarks the relationship between them
Dreams gathered, nightmare erased from the mind
Delight, calamity, peace
A warm hand is extended to the arm of the little one
They walk silently back into the room
The room in which this wildly alarming illusion first began
Cuddling into the sheets, the girl yawns deeply
Eyelids steadily shut close for a second time that night
The mind reaches a state of affirmation
Thinking only of the things in which would not engulf her in fear
Love, courage, hope, faith
The heaviness of her emotional state leaves her
And at last her body freed of distress and anxiety
She drifts into her deep sleep
The only things encompassing her mind…
Comfort and serenity

The author's comments:
Based on true life experiences.

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