Dear Mom...

November 18, 2011
By dorri44 SILVER, Willits, California
dorri44 SILVER, Willits, California
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Dear Mom…
I know you mean well
I know you just want me to be happy
I know it must hurt to never see me
I know you think you know whats best for me
I know you feel betrayed

Dear Mom…
I can only imagine the guilt you feel
I can only guess your thoughts and feelings
I can only guess what it feels like to be walked all over
I can only imagine how it feels to be away from your youngest

Dear Mom…
I want you to know that I never ment for this to happen
I want you to know that I love you
I want you to know I miss you
I want you to know that I feel guilty every day for the choice I made
I want you to know I wish I could take it all back

Dear Mom…
I hope someday we can be together again
I hope all wounds are healed
I hope you will forgive me
I hope you are clean and happy
When that day comes
Till then remember that I love you

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