You're the Reason I Can Only Write About Love

November 21, 2011
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When dreams die a willful death
Is it really a death at all?
Or maybe just a retreat
A simple exile to the forest
To make way for a new king
And if the kingdom is happy
Has any wrong been done?
Have I done any wrong at all?
Sometimes, I miss you when you're not even gone
Of course no one's always there anyway
And for once, I care less about my problems
Because I want to be caught in yours
I leave class to sleep in my own head
And I dream about things I shouldn't say
I can barely think of useful things
But why would I want to anyway?
Isn't this what people ought to do?
Didn't God create the world for two?
And if to dust I shall return,
Then I can only return with you
Don't you worry
I will be happy forever
And don't you worry
I will live until I find
How to live forever,
So you can never die
And don't you worry
I will lay beside you until
The green in your eyes
holds the blue in mine
All of my dreams, all of my ambitions
Lose worth in your smile
I don't want to be alone
I don't want to be a lawyer anymore
I don't want to build a home
With wood that will rot before me
When you are running toward me
I finally know
That I'll never run myself again
And finally I can sleep again
Finally I can sleep through the night

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