November 19, 2011
By modhulove SILVER, Tampa, Florida
modhulove SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

Questions run through my mind

the answers I search for, I'm unable to find

thoughts and emotions run across

happiness, pain, and the feeling of loss

unheard voices and unheard cries

untold secrets and unwanted lies

each one devours me completely

I am unable to set myself free

free from this torment, free from these fears

free from this cage and free from these tears

darkness finally seems to swallow me in

all I can see is a devilish grin

hatred crawls behind my back

the image of me in the mirror is ready to crack

Questions keep running with no answers to be found

my head keeps spinning round and round

stories of the past

memories that don't seem to last

and painful times that just don't go by fast

love and hatred

the tale of the dead

each one forms a new question in my head

worries and tensions

the long waits for dreaded confessions

broken dreams and broken promises

family problems and school stress

everything just seems to fall on top of me

i feel like a lost fish in a lonely sea

so forgotten and confused

I am so tired of being used

too many questions in my mind

can't see to fit in with my own kind

strengths and weaknesses

failures and success

my mind is a complete mess

waiting for answers that are never found

feeling like I can fly and then hitting the ground

overwhelmed with excitement and being put down

once a bright smile and now a frown

silenced by my mind

always the one to be left behind

afraid to listen to my heart

these questions seem to tear me apart

I'm tired of waiting

I'm tired of all this hating

I need my answers now

how do I find them, tell me how?

every time I'm close to my answer another question comes in my way

I don't know what to do or what to say

my questions are endless

they don't seem to grow any less

I feel so lost and alone

it's time for me to search for the answers on my own

I need to wake up from my fairytale dreams and step into reality

this is the only way I can actually see

what lies in the questionable path ahead of me

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