Finding Freedom.

November 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Have I finally found
What I was looking for?
Or is the comfort really enough
For me just to ignore,
To settle for less than I desrve?
I shy away, to punish myself
For not being able to love enough.

I really don't know
What it is about you.
You make me feel weak
Because my love is so true.
I'm scared sometimes
That I rely on you,
Because being in your arms
Makes me happy.

The years go on
And still it doesn't fade,
The unspoken committment
That we have made,
Keeps me rolling on.
Even though sometimes I wish
My time on earth was gone.

But I think about your face
And the amount of love
That would go to waste,
And I realise that you're the only one
Who can see me.
That alone is what will free me.

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