That Guy.

December 1, 2011
I dont want anymore,
of those:
"Good smelling,
I'll flirt and leave"
kind of guys.
I want a guy,
who can call me beautiful,
to my face.
Not in a text.
I want a guy,
who can take the lyrics,
out of a love song,
and wrap them around me,
like a blanket.
I want a guy who would call me,
at 11:00 at night,
saying he wouldnt be able to sleep,
without hearing my voice.
I want that guy,
to be here.
what an amazing boyfriend should do.
But that guy.
He's too perfect.
He's hiding in the shadows.
Not wanting to waste his love,
on a girl who would throw it away.
But me,
I wouldn't throw it away.
I'd take it all for granted.
I'd show my amazing,
of a boyrfriend,
and show him off to the world.
But him.
That guy.
That unknown guy,
that I seem to endlessly dream about,
that I want to love with all my heart.
He's only alive here.
On this piece of paper.
And in my heart,
and my mind.
This guy,
this special guy,
won't come for me.
He never has.
And never will.

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