She's Just The Way She Is

December 1, 2011
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She hates the sound that goodbyes make
Prays she’ll never make the same mistake
She believes that the lies and compliments are all the same
There’s no difference if everybody leaves her
She’s giving boys what they want
So they won’t see the color of her font
Trying to hide the lost of her direction
She tells herself it’s going to get better
But why is it never getting better?
If she could she would change everything
The happy ending only leads to disaster
Only just a teen
And she has all this on her mind
Why can’t we all find our place to hide inside?
Daddy’s little girl wasn’t good enough
No wonder he finally gave up
Thinking the trick to love is to never let it find you
Not having a father is only creating more problems
She’s only dreaming of the world as it used to be
Every day is a battle to convince her self
That she’s consumed with a memory
Remembering her picture perfect happy end
Will only and always be pretend
He was so close
But now forever so far

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Aolsen1234 said...
Dec. 5, 2011 at 11:52 am
wow olemisslady17. This is the most extroardinary poem i have ever read. It speaks into the depth of my soul and heart, and it truly is touching. I am awed with your ability to articualte  your thouhts and put them down beautifully into words. You are a literary genious. Thank you for writing this to share some of your amazingness into my life. I look forward to reading more life changing works by you.
Greta said...
Dec. 4, 2011 at 2:44 pm
This poem reminds me of the song, "Beautiful Disaster" by Jon McLaughlin. It's truly very similar.
Creech204 said...
Dec. 4, 2011 at 1:01 pm
I love this poem. All the feeling in it. This poem has a lot of menaing to me and what ive become. You  did really good.
Simplemelody said...
Dec. 4, 2011 at 11:43 am
I loved the flow and wording. This poem has a lot of emotion behind it yet a simple innocence too. Great write! 
R3alMe said...
Dec. 3, 2011 at 5:27 pm
I am in love with this,it reminds me of what ive been ding the past few years of my life.
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