November 29, 2011
By TravisJ. BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
TravisJ. BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I am the third of three born with the Jean name
Of the three I am the only boy
To comfort my mom after my dad departed

I learned early that trees are not safe to climb
Especially when it’s the size of a bush
But most importantly
That the ground is hard
And one should land on
One’s butt
Not one’s head.

I’ve been at the wheel at the age of 5
Even though now at 17
I don’t even own my Temps.

I’ve held a frog in my hand
And felt the slipperiness of his legs
But I also felt
His dried carcass
The next morning

I’ve seen the darkness of a blackout
One I would not wish to see again
Not that I could see it the first time anyway.

I’ve held a stunned dog in my arms
After accidently
Hitting her in the head
With a shovel

I’ve learned that comedy can come
From anywhere
Even when it comes from a brick
Through your living-room window.

I’ve learned that when sweeping on a swing
Watch where you step after getting off
Because apparently windows lying on the ground are fragile.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting
The bottom of an empty garbage can
Courtesy of my step dad

I’ve learned that normal is overrated
And pretty boring

I have been living my life and so far
It’s been going pretty well
And I hope that my life goes on to be a happy one
Even with some bad moments in it.

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