Perfect Queen

November 28, 2011
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Run your fingers through your perfectly colored slightly curled hair,
Your eyes outlined in perfect black mascara and pink eye shadow,
Your clothes in tip-top form from the best and most expensive stores,
And we can't forget that horrible attitude of yours…

You walk around like you're the best,
And the rest of us are just slaves and servants to you,
But you don't know half the truth,
And quite honestly, no one likes you.

You lie, spread rumors, and enjoy making people lose their self-esteem,
You think your perfect in any way,
You think you're always be queen,
But you're actually the lowest on the food-chain,

If it weren't for your popularity,
You'd be just like the rest of us "normal's"
Except you lied and murdered people to get to the top,
But someday that's gotta stop!

Give it a year,
Or maybe a day,
And sometime soon,
You'll see what it feels like to not be a perfect, always beautiful queen,

So stop acting like you're the best,
And better than the rest,
'Cause you aren't,
And that's a live lesson you have to learn!
You're annoying, mean and selfish,
A bully and tormenter,
And I DO have a right to say that, since I say it to your face.

You kick people when their down,
And punch the people that stand in your way,
You play the perfect student when in front of teachers,
But you're quite simply a cold-blooded monster.

Tell me why you betrayed me,
And tell me why you stopped to care,
And maybe I might miss our friendship,
That I wish we never shared.

Someday in the future,
You'll regret what you've done,
'Cause you have no real friends,
And soon- everyone will be out for you blood~

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