Winter Wishes Washed Away

November 28, 2011
By rachel.tanenbaum1 BRONZE, Germantown, Tennessee
rachel.tanenbaum1 BRONZE, Germantown, Tennessee
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Winter approaches, the feeling of ice
Praying for snow days, no school would suffice.
Staring in awe out the window,
Admiring the minuscule amount of snow.
The fireplace is glowing,
embers illuminating the blazing room.
I guess we will not be journeying to homeroom.
Completely undisturbed streets,
Children cozy in their sheets.
Every snowflake, gently meandering to the ground,
conforming independently into shapes, newfound.
But hastily the snow keeps plummeting,
The once picturesque morning, rapidly crumbling.
Children arousing from their enchanting dreams.
The severe weather crossing into the extremes.
A terrifying, astonishing fate,
My heart pumping at an aggressive rate
A boom, a bang, a lingering ring
Then utter silence and peace.
An instant of hope, then ceased!

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