Music Is My Life

November 28, 2011
By Jbeez19 BRONZE, East New Market, Maryland
Jbeez19 BRONZE, East New Market, Maryland
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I love listening to "Basket Case", I love "Purple Haze".

I love the acoustic version of "All Apologies" and "Lonely Boy", that new song by The Black Keys.

I love Eminem, I really like "Stan".

I also love "Lose Yourself", which sums up my life, I am such a big fan.

My favorite song ever is "American Idiot" from the start.

The lyrical style of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana sticks in my heart.

The whistling in "Pumped Up Kicks" is catchy and sticks in my head.

Coldplay’s music like "Paradise" or "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" makes me go to bed.

The message behind Katy Perry’s "Firework", the riff behind Metallica’s "Seek And Destroy"

The melody of "Use Somebody", a song in which I enjoy

The screams of Jared Leto in 30 Seconds to Mars’s "The Kill".

The voice of Layne Staley which gives me the chills.

This is the music in which I strength and strive.

This is the music that makes me survive.

This is the music of my life

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