Dream Catcher

November 28, 2011
By knstrau BRONZE, Johns Creek, Georgia
knstrau BRONZE, Johns Creek, Georgia
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Enchanting illusions seem to nestle in our minds
The most outrageous thought becomes reality
Fantasy is no longer extraordinary
The ordinary is forever lost

Soaring within our nightly ambiance
Dreams seek to obliterate reality
Falling into a deep, deep sleep
The dreamer witnesses endless possibilities

Monsters in the night creep into our haven
Love stories and tragedies make us question our lives
Reminiscent stories comes to us in abstract light
With messages that fulfill our own delight

Filled with captivating suspense
Dreams keep you entangled within their mystical grasp
Like the inseparable hands of two loved ones never letting go
Or the thought of never knowing what happens next

The author's comments:
Dreams inspire me to decipher all the thoughts in my mind and find a deeper meaning in the symbols of the dream.

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