Pretty Sunshine and Smiles: Forever Happy

November 28, 2011
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Flawless, Perfect, an immortal supply of Beautiful
Smooth like a canvas, Fresh like an ocean breeze
All of the Right angles, the Right choices
Clean and Pure, Innocence
turns to Temptation
average, alright, decent
seeing the potential; it grabs you
normal, fitting in
to filth
soaking you in wrong
inside out
coming out of it's shell
bursting open to reveal
all hell
tingling through your fingertips
crazy adrenaline
sprinting through your veins
clasping onto anything and everything it can
a maze
a chase
a command
a fight to the finish
begging you
pulling you
strattling you in a tight clench
taking over
making you cringe
making you suffer
you'll never be the same
there's no edge
no fall
a climax that never ends
seeking for more,
and you'll always want

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