Have you ever been in love?

November 19, 2011
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Have you ever been in love?
Horrible tis is, to even think of
To even allow someone to hold your heart
With emotions that are more confusing than abstract art
Your friends tell you it’s worth it, and you’ll love it
But what if we split up? The only thing I can take is banana Split
Maybe I do have fear of commenting to someone
Or maybe it’s that fact that I hate being belonged to someone
You give that person your everything, that you ever lived for
And before you know it there gone, and you’re left in a cold war
Instantly all that Amour and shield you put around your heart
Is broken, teased and smashed by one dumba** fool
You can say the heart is a very complex body part
Sorta like my head, I think what some girls don’t about love
Sure its cliché to say “I’m not like those other girls” I’m more out of
When you say I love you, they don’t mean a thing, nothing but a line
Just three words someone made up and can’t even define
You can say I’m heartless and have no feelings and call me “Weird”
But I take me as time; it takes a while for me to grow like an old man's beard
But I won’t lie my heart is big, but it beats quite for certain things
Like my family, best friends, MONEY and SWINGS.
When you’re done reading this, I don’t want you to hate love
But to think twice before giving out your heart and saying those 3 deadly words
Keep it real.

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