The Knight In Shining Armor

November 21, 2011
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As I sit here and wonder what love did,
If love exists is really the question to be asked,
Is that knight in shining armor real?
Or is it just a figment of imagination,
Does the bronze of his armor glisten in the sun,
Reflect the life that lives within his hard chest,
Is he something that is real?
Or is my heart confusing me,
And as guilt tramples on my stomach and leaves me,
There—high and confused,
As I feel the whispers coming from his lips,
And know I am dreaming,
As I am lonely sitting confused,
Lost my eyes in the depth of the sky and mused,
The way people’s hearts go into war,
As I sit here and think no more,
About the way you looked at me,
Is the only thing I see,
And its time for me to drift away,
As I ask, should I go, or should I stay?

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