Heat of Intensity

November 26, 2011
By MonteGallo BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
MonteGallo BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
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My soul is filled with animosity
The anger flusters itself in me, and it can’t be paused
Anymore, simply because I have held it all back
In the depths of my conscious and being
But I see now that it’s best to demonstrate this
I felt outraged when you left me here alone
By myself, with no intent of giving me help from you
I feel tempered every time you show your careless
Nature at me, as if I did the same to you in return
I was infuriated every moment you put me down
When you tried to put yourself above me in any way possible
And yet I still associate myself with you
I will be furious when the time comes that you will
Once again, treat me different from your peers
I guess I’m the diseased one in the group
The action to use violence comes up every time
You become two-faced towards me
How can you even call me a friend?
It would be easier if you could leave through the door
But leave the door open because someone else will come
And actually be a friend to me,
Your foolish nature has sent you free
I want to demonstrate my hatred for you
When you told my secret to the world
The one I asked you not to tell anyone
Not even the people that were in our click
And I managed to keep yours a secret
Even when I was bribed & tried to be fooled
But you just said it to anybody; you didn’t have to be fueled
Shake my head at anyone who does that
I was irritable when you never responded to a single message I sent
As if you didn’t get, there’s no way you couldn’t have
And every time you provoked me with words
About your life compared to mine’s, I threw my patience up
And actually gave you a piece of what was my mind
So yes I’m exhausted from holding it all in
For someone who isn’t apologetic and doesn’t even feel somewhat remorseful
Over any pain you’ve caused
But I have my own life to live, I don’t care about yours
For all I care you throw it on the floor
And I’ll be there to step on it, grind it to dust
However I’m more mature than you
And more able to handle this world and its problems
So I will abandon you, excommunicate you
Just to show to myself the difference in us two

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