Oh, Piano, Dear Piano

November 26, 2011
From the time I was seven and sat on that old wooden bench to play,
You’d take me to a distant realm far, far away.
Memories of waking up to my mother’s talent etched in my mind.
Following in her footsteps, I’ve learned improvement’s always there for me to find.

My fingers dance across your porcelain white keys.
Your spine-tingling harmonies make me grow weak in the knees.
A, B, C, D, E, F, and G are more than just letters; they’re notes.
Words to the music are more than just lyrics; they’re quotes.

Fill my home with hymns of love,
As peaceful as the autumn leaves descending from the trees above.
Replace the silence in my heart.
Your intonation I shall from thee never depart.

Lead me through my dark tunnels, light my way.
Be there for me to turn to on a hopeless day.
Hold my hands when I can no longer bear it alone.
Stand with me in the rain, and set my faith in stone.

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