Rest In Peace

November 25, 2011
By MadisonHockaday SILVER, Alton, Illinois
MadisonHockaday SILVER, Alton, Illinois
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I just cant escape the pain, It's like you're here with me now but the words you say keep fading out. I look out the window, I look up into the sky and that's when I knew that you're really not that far away. I might not be able to drive a car, sail a boat, fly a plane, or make a rocket ship take off to get me to heaven, but I can put my hand on my heart and feel it beat. Every beat is another bea...t without you in sight, but just another beat with you in my heart so I hold it tight. I bet heavens a beautiful place, I bet you're up there playing your guitar for the angels to sing along. I can just see you now with a camera in hand taking pictures down the golden roads. I look at the star closet to the moon, because its the brightest one in the sky, just like you, another face in the crowd like another star in space; but what makes it special is the way is shines like you in you're own unique way. I know words can't explain how much I miss you, and hope to see your face. Yesterday was thanks giving and secretly I placed my hand on my heart and said "God, I know we aren't close, and I'm not really sure if I believe in you, for all the hurtful things, but then again you gave me so much light, I guess I never really realized what was going on in the bible and everything but will you tell Rachael that I'm thankful for being able to take a step or two into her life, and that I say hi, that I miss and love her, a lot." It felt like you should be there eating with us, or calling and saying hey. It didn't take me more than a minute to figure out what this thanksgiving was missing in sight, but then I knew you had a little spot in all our hearts. Making sure we were laughing and having a good time. I just can't escape the pain, Its like you are here with me now, but the words coming from your mouth just keep fading out. Heavens just to far away for my legs, and too close for me to see, but beside me for my heart to feel out.?
Rest In Peace, your face still appears in my dreams, your laugh still in my head, your notes still in my heart, because I know you really aren't that far, when my hands placed against my chest above my heart?

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