Exit Please?

November 25, 2011
Screw it, I'm too good for this world. God make me an exit. You gave birth to me bullet proof, to cocky to stay. Now since the world is after me, I need a get a way.
I slam my foot on the gas trying to get faster and faster. I can fly off a cliff if I jump right? God you gave birth to me able to fly, so here I go. I'll never die. I'm young, to young to realize why anyone would want me to stay. I'm feed up with the world and all its lies. God you put me on earth just to piss everyone off, now that I have can I get out? Guns and roses is how you set me off. Bombs and grenades in my pockets, guns in my belt, on my back, bullets round my neck. A monster I am, Here I come evil, whatcha gonna do send me to hell? Already been there. Once I stepped foot here it was like a slap in the face by the devil. Just want to let you know, that I loved it. The abuse was more like heaven than hell. Wow I'm a spit fire anit I? Oh you got a problem with it sorry, but heaven and hell are never to far away, just stand still so it makes everything easier.

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