Out of this place

November 25, 2011
Throw me some cash, and I'll run away from here.
I'll take the train, hitch hike, or whatever gets me away from this dreaded place.
I'm writing my way out of here.
One day you'll turn on the Tv and go hey, I remember that face.
I'll get out of the loathe town.
Weather its on my two feet or a magic carpet.
Sorry but I cant stand it.
I hate it here
I mean look around
you see what I see there?
A bunch of crap on the ground
wasted talent lives here
and I'm not staying to be another number
I'm not gonna stand her and get counted as a failure
Sure as hell I'm getting out of here
Heaven here I come
weather I die here or somewhere else later
I'm getting out of here
I hate this place
and all the faces
I see everyday.
Just a ball of hate,
whatcha gonna say?

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