Running demons

November 25, 2011
By tweetiebruce PLATINUM, Sydney, Other
tweetiebruce PLATINUM, Sydney, Other
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Always running
From what
Is chasing you

Your fears
Your doubts
Create a monster
That grows

It feasts on your worries
It eats you up inside
Thismonster isalways chasing
Coming close then falling behind

Some are luckier than others
Some have smaller demons
But when I look behind me
All I see, are my creations

I'm notproud of what I've made
I'm not proud of what ive discovered
But there's only one who can beat
The demon that's been uncovered

It tears you up
It breaks you to pieces
it always there, always behind
Ready to strike at any time

It can swallow you
It can engulf you
It can capture you
In a second

But to beat this monster
Is to really discover
Your fears
And your demons

They have piled on high
As high as a mountain
It may be quick to build up
But a lifetime to shatter

But I think I've realized
What this journey has been for
Realizing your strengths
And realizing your potential

I've heard it said
So many times
Grasp onto opportunities
Of what others search for

Be grateful
But now I just discovered
The monster I created
By me has to be uncovered

I can face up to it
Fall down of it
But it's only my choice
Of how I beat my demon

It falls behind
As now I take great leaps
But don't be fooled
It's always there

It will be a while
Till I can see it no more
But then I rely on my senses
As that's what there for

For now my demon flees
As I take great bounds
To take little steps
You can never succeed

I realized something
From when I was running
I wasn't moving, I was dreaming
Of a life I long to lead

But nowas I run
Still always running
But this time for the good
For now I am smart, I am cunning

I am clever to realize
The demons are fading
My dream was a nightmare
The demons are small

It takes strength to banish them
To leave them for good
But now I have left them
As every soul should

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