November 24, 2011
Punch, kick, a cry out for a savior
Beat down,Shake down, money falling to the ground
Broken glass, broken bones, egos torn and shattered
One child suffers, while another enjoys
The body in pain will heal, but the mind may never mend
A life relinquished to the hands of evil
Insecurities fulfilled by the tormentors who are shedding their own
The weak do not eat, they stay forever frail
The beasts feast on many lunches, getting stronger with every bite
Rage takes its place, and becomes the eyes of the victims
The victims fight back and red eyes become black
Moms see the truth behind the words of their children
A phone rings inside a school, an innocent worker answers
The fury of a protective mother unleashes itself upon an oblivious staff
In following days empty threats are made
Bullies hear lectures, but the antagonizing continues
Everyday adds a spark to the fire in their hearts
Victims quickly are engulfed in flames from within
The hands of evil take their place on a new body
A body with less strength, but a brain on the brink of retaliation
Closet door opens, a stool is set down
The Devil's will grabs it, with the hands it had previously placed
A backpack conceals it from all the unsuspecting souls
School bells ring, kids enter the halls
Two enemies cross paths, but the roles have been reversed
A shaky hand pulls a firm trigger, eruption of screams and tears
New blood is shed, a bully lies on the floor
Terror consumes the heart of the school, but one kid stands satisfied
He finds joy through insanity, created by years of abuse
Finally his life is at ease, but the crazy goes on

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